Take in the sights and sounds of Highfield - take a tour via these video and audio files.


A Visit to HIGHFIELD  1 - Whitey and the Twins

Follow Producer Gretchen Miller on her visit to Highfield with this set of four audio pieces. Her visit starts with an emergency...


A Visit to Highfield 2 - The Poddies

Gretchen Miller meets the poddy lambs.


A Visit to Highfield 3 - More about Highfield

Gretchen Miller talks to David and Louise to find out more about Highfield Farm & Woodland and the production system they use.


A VISIT TO HIGHFIELD 4 - Whitey and Kombucha

We check Whitey and her twins and make kombucha.


Treechange - a video by Zoe Burns


A short documentary by Zoe Burns on Louise and David's Treechange to Highfield


Mt Adrah Summer - a set of three stories recorded by the ABC for broadcast in 2017


Life in 500 Words - Louise goes into the breech

This year, Life in 500 Words gives you the chance to tell us how you took a risk and winged it, and then let the chips fall where they may.

For Louise Freckelton and her husband, running their first farm was risky enough, but then one of their sheep was having difficulty in birthing. Can watching YouTube videos prepare Louise for the challenge?

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.50.34 pm.png

Carex and the Ducklings

An agronomist once told us to destroy the Carex grasslands in our Home Valley, “nuke it”, he said, “burn it then spray it then burn it again, that’ll get rid of it”, he gestured enthusiastically, “it’s rubbish, your sheep won’t eat it”.

I thanked him for his time and promptly ignored his professional advice – thank goodness I didn’t pay for it.