The original Highfield home. 

It started here, just over 6 years ago, our dream to build a Rustic Luxury Getaway - an EcoNest.

This simple tin and timber hut you see in this picture is our inspiration. Originally an outstation for the larger Ellerslie Station, which was one of the largest original farms in the area, it was a place farm workers would stay while checking on fences and looking after livestock. It was their home away from home. 

Perched above a rocky mountain stream and nestled on a gentle ridge, it was a safe and secure refuge, a place to rest after a long working day.

Inspiration from the past with a view to the future.

When we came to Highfield this tin and timber hut was a ruin.  When we found this picture of it still standing, we knew we had to build a new hut in its place. We want others to experience the peace and beauty of Highfield - to wander our bush trails and wonder at nature. 

Our new EcoNest is about to break ground here at Highfield right on this same ridge. It will honour the tin and timber heritage of these simple handmade farm structures but have all the modern comfort features and eco-sensibilities. 

We hope that our EcoNest will become a place for guests to escape the everyday. A place to explore our Woodland and a home away from home. A place to revive and renew.

Follow our journey  - plan your retreat.